“Die Grüne Woche 2012” “The Green Week 2012”

by alltagsobjektplastiktuete

The debate about the biodegradable plastic bag of ” The Green Week 2012″ in Berlin: biodegradable plastic bags are the future of our consumerism. These disposable bags promote our throw away behavior. Production of such biological bags: made from corn starch, potato starch or something similar, so food is consumed. Is that a solution? We do have a better conscience when throw away, but dose someone thinks of all the yoghurt cups, bottles and other food grate packaging which are also made of plastic? Isn´t it absurd just because the plastic bags are more “visible” than other products made out of plastic, do we have to blame the plastic bag for all the damage in our nature? Almost everything is made out of plastic today. Do people really think a biodegradable plastic bag will „save“ our planet?