BLOG by  Dr.Ida-Marie Corell

This is a blog about plastic bags. I wrote a book about the phenomenology of plastic bags and its society. Globalization, tourism, consumerism… This is a followup blog on this theme.




I am an artist based in Berlin…

On this blog you can find news, photos, my and other artists work.

ID(E)A by Ida-Marie Corell:Photo ©by Tommi Mäkynen

Me in my 300 qm dress made out of 555 blue Ikea bags. Performing “ID(E)A” at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur


8 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. Dear Ida-Marie Corell,

    since You are using a piece of my work on your site, I would appreciate some credits next to it: “www.kameradist-wagner.de” or just “Kameradist Wagner.”

    Thank You.
    Best Wishes
    Kameradist Wagner

  2. Hi there, just seen your feature on Tesco plastic bags…great! Just wondered if you would mind providing a source to where the Tesco Bag shoes came from. If you could just provide a link to our website: http://www.co-oproduct.org that would be great!

    Also maybe another one for your Tesco plastic bag feature (which is made from 117 Tesco bags):

    Thank you…hope you manage to get your book published in English soon!

    Tracy Cordingley

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